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Team Survey

At the heart of RateYourBoss is a journey for your self-improvement as a manager. RateYourBoss is here to help you uncover how your employees see you.  They need you to exhibit certain behaviours for them to feel connected in the role, enabled to do their best work, and that there is a sense of trust and fairness in the workplace. 

Do these things and you will build a team that executes on its goals crisply and efficiently, with loyalty, improved morale, and great outcomes.

In this part of our web site we will guide you through:


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At all times you should know that we guarantee full privacy and confidentiality.  No individual data is published, you will see only averaged scores and score range data from your team. Additionally, your survey result report is held in strict confidence. Only you get to decide if you share it.


Team Survey



Survey 1
Focus Areas

Assessment of your behaviours as a manager - your Managerial Effectiveness. Use this to earn your management Credentials of Merit.
Questions 20
3-6 in team $US 150
7 or more $US 180

Survey 2
Focus Areas

Questions for survey 1 PLUS more questions about cross organisation working and relationships with your manager's manager (for large organisations)
Questions 30 (20+10)
3-6 in team $US 170
7 or more $US 220