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About Credentials of Merit

RateYourBoss awards a Credential of Merit when a manager undertakes a team survey with his or her team.

Bronze Credential of MeritThe first Credential of Merit automatically earned is bronze, and shows the score, name and year of taking the survey.

We encourage managers to advertise this score as a testament of their managerial effectiveness.

Silver-CoM-example.png#asset:228Deeper value from the concepts embedded within RateYourBoss comes from a manager running a feedback session with their team, the direct reports who rated them.  When this is done, the Credential of Merit is upgraded from bronze to silver. The score, name and year are the same.

This demonstrates that the manager is keen to undertake a journey of self-improvement to enhance their managerial skill.

Gold Credential of MeritA gold Credential of Merit is earned after running the team feedback session, when the manager shares the effectiveness report with their own manager.

Sharing the report is designed to have the senior manager hold the surveyed manager accountable for making meaningful change to their managerial leadership skills over the coming year.

Assessments can be carried out annually with a plan to see improvement year on year. We know that through embodying the management science of Requisite Organization in their behaviours, results will improve.

Authenticity of Credentials of Merit

RateYourBoss publishes Credentials of Merit linked directly from our web site. A surveyed manager can update their LinkedIn profile and link to the original and authentic Credential of Merit. If you are wanting to validate a Credential of Merit, ensure that the web URL of the original credential references our web domain:

See our other article on adding Credentials of Merit to your LinkedIn profile.


About Credentials of Merit