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You are about to take our free survey, but some notes before you start:

  • Best for employees with one manager: This survey works for employees with only one manager who provides task assignment, role definition and performance management. Dual-reporting situations create confusion for employees.
  • A single assessment is not calibrated: This online survey of your manager is a gauge based on your single assessment and is not fully calibrated. Real value comes when an entire team rates their immediate manager.
  • Best results come from a team survey: If you are a manager taking this survey as a self-assessment, you should know that the best and most valuable results come from when your whole team rate you. After all, it is their best experience of you that drives them to do good work.
  • We guarantee full privacy and confidentiality: Survey results are held in strict confidence and never published. Only you can see the results and only you can decide if you share it.
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