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The Benefits

There are too many assessment approaches that use punitive or irrelevant means to seek to improve the execution effectiveness of organisations. Assessments taken make the person being rated feel deficient, undervalued and belittled.

Despite the intent of capturing and assessing employee satisfaction, these employees still struggle feeling that they are disconnected from the business. Not having regular team meetings and haphazard or poor communication lead to dysfunction and stress. When there is unclear task assignment and no planning, confused employees try their best to guess what is required with unpredictable results.

Some managers never provide a written job description. They micro-manage and make unfair decisions affecting members in their team. We frequently see no systems of work, no accountability for decisions made, and when tasked to achieve an outcome, employees often have no authority to do their work resulting in frustration and more stress. Trust is at an all-time low and when this is widespread, attrition rates escalate.

RateYourBoss has a different aim.

We know that the Requisite Organization science within the methodology is a hidden gem that most managers will cherish. Our assessment tool focuses sharply on key scientifically-proven attributes good managers should exhibit in their behaviour. Where there are shortfalls, the manager needs to understand the area of behaviour required and work to imbed these behaviours in their work methods.

Requisite Organization highlights the importance of good systems for improved and efficient work methods. Clear accountability is ensured through a management chain-of-command that is cascaded throughout the organisation. At last employees understand what is expected of them through crisp task assignment, backed by a documented job description.

Good organisational structure is a key facet of Requisite Organization that underpins the success of this methodology. Frequent communication, fair dealing and strong team working develop high levels of trust that employees and managers share which results in dependable performance across the board. Thus performance management is handled effectively and clearly for all.