Improving organisations the world over. One manager at a time.

About RateYourBoss

Some managers are simply inspiring to work for. They take the contributions of their teams to the next level. Everything just “works” and their teams are the shining light of their organisations.

Conversely, we have seen many managers, through their own ignorance but also through the lack of proper managerial development systems, destroy the spirit of those in their teams.

This is a tragedy and comes at an immense cost: for the employee, for their families, for the organisation in which they work, and for the economy as a whole.

Our Aims

The majority of the world’s workforce are employed in organisations run by managers, and we know that with better management comes better workplaces. We picture a world where employees are:

  • Fully engaged in the work they do
  • Working in an environment that is based on trust and honesty, and free from fear
  • Using their personal capabilities to the full
  • Gaining a sense of satisfaction in contributing to the successful functioning of the organisation they are in
  • Meeting the economic needs of themselves and their families in line with their capabilities


We know most employees desire these outcomes too. And, that most managers are also employees.

RateYourBoss aims to address the one notable root cause of most organisational dysfunction – lack of a productive management framework.

By adopting the RateYourBoss principles, if we can improve the outcomes even for the smallest percentage of people, then this has been a beneficial exercise.

RateYourBoss is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation. The small fee we receive for our paid survey helps us to cover the costs for running servers and development of our software. Our members are driven to contribute their time and energies through having seen the best and the worst of organisations over our careers.

We hope you share our passion, and value our contribution to your workplace.