Improving organisations the world over. One manager at a time.

We believe good managers are made not born.

Rate Your Boss is based on a proven management methodology. It's one of the world's best kept secrets used by high-performing organisations.

Sound management is about bringing out the best in managers by changing their thinking and focusing on the behaviours which engage team members in the work they do and use their personal capabilities to the full.


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As an employee, how well are you managed?

We know that the contribution made by an employee is largely based upon how well they are managed. The degree of cooperative interaction, mutual trust, and strong communication between manager and employee is key in forming the basis of well-performing teams.

Everyone has the right to work in an environment of sound management for:

  • Emotional fulfilment
  • Economic fulfilment
  • Mental stimulation and fulfilment
  • And this will naturally lead to organisational fulfilment

Any employee working in conditions of fear, continual stress, or anxiety, and are concerned that they are to blame should undertake the free survey of their manager.


As a manager, how do you assess and profile your professional managerial capabilities?

Because management is often considered a “soft skill”, many managers are not able to quantify their managerial execution effectiveness. RateYourBoss identifies strengths and weaknesses, is objectively scored and assessed, and then helps build a development plan for improvement.

RYB Merit Badges

Managers can earn
Credential of Merit Badges
by enrolling in the program.

What's going on in your work place?

Stressed, unappreciated, unclear of what is expected of you? It could be you; or it could be your boss? How do you tell?


Some employees assess the dysfunction in their workplace stemming from their own lack of capability, expertise or skill; yet we most often find it is a failing of their manager. Use our free assessment tool to measure the frequency by which your immediate manager exhibits the behaviours are necessary for getting the best from team members.


We use scientifically proven principles to assess and develop the capabilities of a manager. The majority of managers will never learn these skills on their own.

Too many workplace assessment tools are based on conjecture or inane questions where the answers are not actionable. Focus is often on symptoms rather than the root cause of organisational dysfunction. RateYourBoss is underpinned by a management science known as Requisite Organization which encompasses all key elements of optimum organisational effectiveness.

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RateYourBoss is based on a management methodology proven over 50 years. It's one of the world's best kept secrets used by the highest-performing organisations.

To get the most from RateYourBoss we know that you will want to immerse yourself in the background and theory of the tool and its methodology. We encourage you to browse through the following resources to improve your understanding of our unique approach.

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